Apartment Alterations - Standards

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The Fairlanes Council has approved the following variations.

Please note, some alterations will still required written notification to the Strata Manager prior to commencing work. 


Apartment Front Door Seals

The ‘Raven Automatic Weather Seal, RP3’. These may be fitted to the exterior of apartment front doors.

Alternatively the brush type self-adhesive door seal, attached to the inside of apartment front doors has been known to assist with wind noise.


Window Tinting

Although the Fairlanes Council has recieved an enquiry, to date a standard for Window Tinting has not yet been produced.
If you are interested, please obtain a quote from your preferred supplier, containing full specifications of the Window film, and please forward to Richardson Strata for approval. 
It is critical that the manufacturer can specify that the film is of high quality, and will not change the appearance of the glass when viewed from the outside (ie is completely Clear when applied).


Door Viewers

Lockwood 160CPDP Fire Rated Door Viewer (Chrome)

Specifications: 160 degree viewing, 4 hour fire rating, Complies with Australian Standard AS 1905.1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

Authorised Installer: Commercial Locksmiths 26 Hector St, Osborne Park WA.  P:9446 1333  E:info@commlock.com.au.

Cost: $142 Supplied and Installed (as at April 2015)


Hard Surface Flooring

It is important for owners who are considering changing from the original carpet to hard surface flooring understand their obligations.
Adverse noise transfer can have a major impact on the peaceful enjoyment of apartment living.

Please lodge written details with Richardson Strata prior to installation stating that;

1. The acoustic underlay will be installed between the concrete floor slab and the proposed flooring.

2. The acoustic underlay will comply to current Australian Standards for the Building Code of Australia. 

3. The acoustic underlay will be installed as per its manufactures instructions.

4. The flooring and installation will comply with the relevant Fairlanes Perth By Law Section 2 Item 8.1 and 8.2. 

5. Once the installation of all flooring is complete, the installer must sign a letter to the Owners of Fairlanes Strata Plan 58073 (via Richardson Strata) confirming that they have completed the installation in accordance with these instructions. 

6. The apartment owner is wholly responsible to ensure these instructions are carried out. 

7. It is the Owners' responsibility to ensure that any new flooring does not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of others. 


Air Conditioner Replacements

It is possible to replace the origionally installed Gree Multi Head Spilt Systems with a similar system
(for example the Daikin VRV Multi Head with model RXYM05PUA  14 KW Outdoor Units)

Please Note the Following Important Points:

1. When obtaining a quote, please liaiase with the building manager to obtain access to the Plant Room located on each floor which houses the outdoor units. 

2. Air Conditioning WA, of 353 Scarborough Bch Rd Innaloo, Ph: 9204 5111 have carried out this replacement in the building prevously.

3. Maintenance work has been prevously conducted by AB Western Airconditioning 38 Millrose Dr, Malaga Ph: 9248 900 

Please lodge written details with Richardson Strata prior to installation stating;

1. A step-by-step plan from the installer on how the works are to be carried out.

2. Details on how the Fire System in the Plant Room will be isolated when the works are carried out.

3. What Carpet and Lift protection will be in place on the day the works are carried out.

4. Copy of the installers current Public Liability insurance.

5. Details of what cutting of Common Area Ceilings or Walls, and how this will be reinstated and painted. 

6. As per the By Laws, any alteration to Common Areas must be approved by Fairlanes Coucil prior to works commencing. Richardson Strata must recieve all above information and will liaise with the Council and provide written approval for the proposed works.