Sky Lounge

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Sky Lounge – Conditions of Use

Opening Hours
7.00am to 10.00pm each day

There is NO SMOKING permitted within this room or balcony.
Schedule 2 By-Law 18.1 stipulates that this is a smoke free building and no smoking is permitted whatsoever on any common property area - including the Foyers, Ground Floor, Amphitheatre, the corridors,
Level 7 or Level 25.

It is the responsibility of all Residents using this room to clean up after use – this includes placing rubbish in the bins, wiping down benches and tidying up the furniture.  The cleaning company is not employed to clean up after individual residents. Residents leaving a mess will be charged for Cleaning.
Cleaning product and Paper Towels are provided for use in the Sky Lounge.

You may move furniture around the room for your use, however, please ensure that the furniture in the room is placed back in its original place before you leave.

Please also treat the furniture with care.  Replacing furniture costs the Strata Company money which could be better utilised on improvements to the facilities available for Residents.


Any unruly, antisocial or offensive behaviour in these areas will not be tolerated.

Concierge patrol these areas regularly, and will call security personal, or Police attendance if required. Security camera recordings are retained for 30 days and will be handed to Police if required.

Any persons showing signs of intoxication will be required to leave the Sky Lounge.

Fairlanes Council has Zero Tolerance to Antisocial Behaviour.