Emergency Contacts

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Building Manager

Phone: 0438 672 570



Strata Manager

Please contact the Strata Manager for any any feedback, issues, questions or concerns.  

Richardson Strata Management Services

138 Burswood Road,


Phone: 9472 1833      Fax: 355 5299




For owners who find themselves locked out of their apartments there are two Locksmiths available 24/7 who can be called as they are authorised to attend the Building:

Sheehan Locksmith             (Kevin Sheehan)       Phone: 0412 153 846

Metropolitan Lock Service    (Alan Newlan)         Phone: 0417 900 051

Payment and suitable identification will be required.

For tenants, please contact your property manager, letting agent or the apartment owner as they should be able to assist with their spare key and remote.



For problems with circuit breakers tripping or other power issues the following Electrician is available 24/7 and is authorised to attend the Building:

Ivco Electrics                       (Ivan Tanevski)        Phone: 0424 361 537

After hours charges will apply.

During business hours please contact the Building Manager for assistance.